AnaLaura Juarez

Ana Laura Juarez Espinoza, a printmaker and painter, initiated her life-long passion in art making when she discovered her love for drawing. As a result of personal drive and the support of her parents, she began to develop her craft early on through books, art classes, continuous observation and exploration in mediums. From the age of 13, she was drastically influenced by her figure drawing classes and to this day, the nude figure serves as a motif in her work. In 2011, she had her first solo show, Prevailing Remains, near Dallas, TX where she was raised. Today, she studies fine art, with a focus in printmaking and bookmaking at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Artist Statement

Although my style has evolved throughout the years, one could describe it as organic, surreal, and fluid. The voluptuous female form is prevalent in my work, and through recent discovery, I can say it’s partially symbolic of my mother’s presence in my life.  It is through forms, lines and colors that I find intuitive navigation after an idea is internalized.

Some of the themes in my work include transformation, distortion, alternate realities, connections, and symmetry. My choice of execution ranges from drawing and painting, to printmaking and installation, to sculpture. Book making is the most recent addition to my accumulation of disciplines, and it is through the transition between these disciplines that I find most fulfillments. In particular, I find that printmaking is very process oriented, allowing me to take direct initiative and liberties in the aesthetics, which I find valuable in my work.

When I look at my future as an artist, I see myself working in a much larger scale in terms of space and audience. Ultimately, my intentions are not to make artwork, but to go beyond that and create something that keeps a conversation alive.