Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Elsworth Menswear - Thank you for your support!

Elsworth Menswear has become a sponsor of fade 2 blaq. An artful thank you to Mr. Keith Dorsett, owner of Elsworth Menswear, for the sponsorship of this showcase of emerging and established artists.

Like a canvas, your body deserves the most inspiring art you can place upon it. Keith is a sartorial artist that expounds on what is you through his medium - clothing. He can be reached at:

Elsworth Menswear
Highland Bank Court
811 LaSalle Ave
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402
612-339-0763 (tel.)
612-605-3269 (fax)

Friday, January 27, 2012

What is fade 2 blaq?

fade 2 blaq is a coming together of artists of color from various backgrounds whose collective soul breathing offers a refreshing view of art. From painters, illustrators, photographers, etc. these artists are "the yesterday, the here, the now, the tomorrow, and forever will be" in the worldwide art community; offering pieces of their souls, to add peace to a world where color is often lost among the achromatic moments of time.

Participating Artists - Thank you!

For the artists I have spoke with via phone or email and have committed to the show, I say "Thank you". Your presence and energy will make the show. It will be big!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Call for Artists

Fade 2 blaq an art exhibit of some of Minnesota's finest artists of color is looking for artists to exhibit. For more information please contact curator Sean G. Phillips at seangphillips@gmail.com or 952-240-8103. Deadline for participation is January 31, 2012.