My exploration into art began in 1986 as a 17 year old, albeit it was literary art. I painted images with words via poetry as a means to “purge myself” of things that I didn’t have the courage or confidence to articulate verbally. So through my words what was on my mind and riding my soul was exposed on college ruled paper. Since that initial converging of pen, pad, and pain, courage and confidence issues have dissipated and words continue to be a valuable medium to convey how I inhale the world around me. However, five years ago I added a paintbrush to accompany my pen and began to paint how I exhaled the same world that resided in the “lungs of my life’s experiences”. 

Artist statement

I would consider myself an abstract artist.  I enjoy visual art in its entirety; but, abstract art's ability to elicit different responses to “what it is” intrigues me as no answer, in my opinion, is essentially wrong. Wassily Kandinsky said, “The artist must train not only his eye, but his soul.” The experiences that each human meets, trains their soul to view and weigh the world, and art, differently on the scale of their being. No matter how joyous or painful that accounting is, it is always beautiful because it is natural. As an artist I feel it is my responsibility to reveal that beauty by allowing others to see my work; thus, allowing them to see themselves. There is also an obligation that I, as well as artists of all mediums and genres, assume when we step on that “artist” mantle. That duty is to “say something valuable” and add to the public discourse of what needs to be fixed with our society and/or worldwide community. To “paint a pretty picture” is not enough for the artist. Surely one can do so, but, it must be balanced with an edification of humanity through this talent gifted to us.