Lorenzo Crockett

Dell Sugah, a.k.a. Konai, a.k.a. Lorenzo K. Crockett, Jr. was born in Oakland, California and later moved to San Francisco with his mother Verdell, and older sister Felisha.  As a child, he would take the train to the local art museums where he would sit for hours staring at the art.  It was his getaway.  It was the one place that was free, and the one place where he wasn’t judged.  At the museum, he didn’t have to compete with the other boys to play basketball, or be tough.  It was his own personal space, and no one could enter without permission.  The museum was the place where this artist was born.

As Dell Sugah began to realize that his dream of sharing his love of art with the world could become a reality, and something he could actually make money on, he enrolled in the California College of Arts & Craft, and Laney Community College.  Upon completion of several art programs he has done numerous commissioned pieces throughout Northern California and the Bay area.

As an artist/illustrator Dell Sugah’s work is influenced by some of the world’s most noted jazz and Hip Hop artists, politics, social issues, and poetry.  He incorporates a medley of mediums, materials, and subject matters to create amazing touchable art.  Dell Sugah feels that art should be an experience that has the ability to touch the human senses.  He feels that art should spark childhood memories, emotions that have long since been packed away, are pleasing to the eye, or make you question your own existence.