Daisy Giles

Daisy has been drawing for as long as she can remember. “When I was four years old I was already writing my own books and illustrating them - with magic markers and gel pens of course.” Daisy is a creative soul, which pulls toward the musical, lyrical, and theatrical arts but with a passion for the visual. Her mother is a hobby painter, while several of her maternal relatives also pursued art in both hobby and in their careers. For a long time, she pursued her fine art as a passion on the side doing paintings here and there for friends and relatives through her high school business Mural, Mural, On The Wall. It wasn’t until her senior year of college that she threw in the towel and applied for the BFA art program at her school, deciding that this was what she wanted to do for life.

Daisy’s most recent and well-known works are her portraits. Her portraits aim to express the true nature of her subjects or what she imagines their true nature to be - away from the restrictions of technology, modernism, current trends and the physical world. She is passionate about portraying women of color in this way especially, her own identity being vital to her artistic pursuits and interests.

Daisy received her BFA in Art and her BA in African American and African Studies at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities in 2011. She has since continued to work in portraiture but also discovered a new joy in digital collage and print work, available online for sale. She hopes to continue her studies in the future with MFAs either in design or fine art (or maybe both – who knows!) She is also currently working on her first album, a mix of spoken word and poetry, neo soul, and magic.