Nadia Pereira

"These paintings are my mementos to the little fleeting moments in life. Its my way of making permanent, things that are in transition."

As a painter Nadia Pereira enjoys the physical and tactile aspect of her work. She is interested in the concept of displacement. Having lived in India the first 18 years of her life after which she moved to upstate New York and then Minneapolis, MN, she draws from the different cultures and landscapes and people she met.

Not knowing the outcome of her painting is a very important part of her process as it relates directly to her experiences of never knowing what a new city would be like until she moved there. While painting, Nadia creates obstructions to see how her painting will struggle free from the chaos around it and work coherently. These obstructions range from sticking paper or objects onto the painting to using different viscosities of paint, and they are dealt with additively as well as reductively. This entire process is intuitive and once the painting is done, she spends time reflecting on what the piece says about her and of itself. In her most recent body of work she used household objects like tiles, carpet, knickknacks and other things people undervalue and placed them onto canvases, working into them with paint.

Whilst the paintings in this series do deal with the transitory nature of existence, inviting the viewers into her experience, they don't let them in entirely and encourage them to have their own relative experience. They are critical but hopeful, accumulated and alone, together and apart, jumbled and harmonious, chaotic and structured,.

They are a collection of impermanent feelings made permanent.