Christopher Aaron-Deanes

Born in 1972 in the blues country of St. Louis, Missouri, Deanes always had a taste for the “hip hop ness” of his time. As a young altar boy at his church Deanes drew pictures a lot. This evolved into the creation of a cartoon strip in high school that he published through the school yearbook. A high school art teacher encouraged him to pursue a career in art.

Deanes earned  a BFA in Design and Illustration  from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.  While a student there he created the “Teach and Learn Program” where artists traveled to different schools and community centers to teach art and art-making to youth. Deanes received national and local awards for this programming.

In 1996, Deanes graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and began freelancing as a designer and illustrator. He worked for several years with artist reps and magazines in Graphic Design; leading him to paintings and showings in galleries.

In 2001 Deanes acquired his Masters in Curriculum and Instruction in Education from the University of St. Thomas. He has taught classes at the Dakota County Technical College and the Mpls. College of Art and Design. He is currently attending the University of St. Mary’s for the Educational Leadership Doctorate Program.

Artist Statement

I recently began examining the way we view things through what we understand on the surface of our society and the revelation of a spiritual hierarchy. Questions stirred dealing with canonicity of mans perception of whom and what is God’s authority in images. I started to depict images that challenge the view of culture and community. My goal is to create conversations and environments that will challenge perceptions and thoughts of otherwise undefined assumptions. Eye candy and mind food is modern art.”