Kelly Brown

My name is Kelly Brown.  I am a freelancing artist from St. Paul Minnesota.  In 2005 I obtained my BFA in illustration from Minneapolis College of Art and Design.  Since college, I've had the opportunity to work with companies such as Target, Ham in the Fridge, Larsen, Capstone Press and Axcept Media.  Most of my work consists of digitally produced illustrations and comic art.  My process starts with a sketch, after which my sketch is transformed into a tight pencil, and finishing my work in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.   

I can truly say I have a passion for what I do.  Every time I produce my artwork, I try to take small steps towards getting better. That's something I believe no person or company can take away from any artist.  Because of the sacrifice an artist makes when they “expose” themselves artistically I honor them, no matter what stage they are in with their craft.  I know of the courage and passion they have.  Even more so, I enjoy having the common bond of being a creative.  I think any artist will agree that being creative should bring freedom, but, work breeds oppression. However, in doing what I love to do, no matter the job at hand, I never do an “ounce” of work when operating out of the right side of my brain. So my freedom is infinite during my journey of creating. This passion keeps me going.